The Last Few Days…

Crazy days…too full…one day we zoomed to Portland for the dress rehearsal for the Oregon Children’s Theater play “Pinkalicious” (photos strictly forbidden) for which Ashton did the costumes.  Before the play we visited a few favorites at the Portland Art Museum…Agnes Martin…too fabulous, and then this plaid panting knocked me out (by??…I forgot to write it down)

and the elevator was fun…

Today in Salem we seem to be doing the same as everywhere…


…and then, you know the drill…

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  1. Bonnie—I love your blog! The pictures of Roger capture his good looks, his ethereal aesthetic, and his bonhomie. I am thrilled to see t hat Salem, too, is participating in an Occupy Wall Street demonstration. (I tend to think that only Manhattan engages in progressive action.)

    From now on I am going to check your blog regularly, so make sure you include nothing incendiary.

    Love to you,


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