A Visit to Rochester….

Since I lost my camera on our trip east, my photo record is incomplete…and, hence,  the various posts forming in my head didn’t make sense so…here we go organizing by the venues–place by place…two weeks in the east, 2011.  We landed in Rochester and returned to Rochester…former fame was Kodak (which is pretty much gone completely), now notable because my adorable brother and his equally adorable wife, live there.  Howard Decker’s fascinating blog about Rochester urban life, and urban life in general, can be seen here.  They live on the very pretty Cobb’s Hill Drive in this 1929 house

with beautiful interior details like these:

and they took us around town (YES…we did go to Wegman’s) most notably the George Eastman House and museum (Mr. Eastman was a hunter…ahem…)

…and he had a beautiful garden…

which this time of year was filled with drifts of white anenomes…

After Eastman House we had to go to the local farmer’s market to Amy’s favorite vendor Suzanne…

where we saw a timely reminder

Mission accomplished we headed home happy

to get ready for…

These guys don’t fool around…

…fish and vegetable with a garlic butter sauce…YUM!

Other Rochester highlights included a visit to the local art museum

…and doesn’t this Winslow Homer look a little like Salishan spit,  you Oregonians…???

and near the famous and old Farmer’s Market (which I did NOT photo for some reason) we saw this wonderful quonset

Rochester, as you may know, is on Lake Ontario

and apparently we got there RIGHT after Andy Goldsworthy

Stay tuned tomorrow for a little bit of Mass Moca and Boston…


  1. I swooned over the interior shots of your brother’s (and his adorable wife’s) house. What really beautiful spaces and forms and materials and details!
    Nice of A. Goldsworthy to arrange a little welcome to the lake shore for you.

  2. I was totally amazed by Wegman’s when I visited Rochester in 2000. Also enjoyed Eastman House and Museum and the art museum. Sounds like a great visit in beautiful surroundings.

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