The Breaching of the Condit Dam…

Back in August we visited the site of the Condit Dam and reported in on the fact that it was soon to be blown up and the river returned to it’s natural aspect.  Well…today was the day.  11:30…BOOM.  I couldn’t be there of course, but Jennifer thoughtfully provided me with a live stream link and I noticed I could take photos off the link so here goes (with a reminder that clicking on any photo will enlarge it for you):

View from the top…note the water level going down…

view from the side including the moment the explosives blew a hole in the bottom of the dam and the water started rushing:

from the bottom:

view downstream:

these pictures were all taken off the computer screen from the live stream (no pun intended) provided by the dam owners…but I had a lunch date about 45 minutes into it.  When I got back they were no longer streaming live, so guess you’ll have to hike in and see the result.  I had a lot of fun watching the event…thanks Jennifer!

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