Moving on…I Hope!

The last of the doll quilts delivered today…I figured if they don’t sell I’ll have a bunch of funky place mats…for sort of a crazy-quilt table!

“Vintage Fun”

“For Agnes”


and the larger “Crow”

so, NOW, finally…into the studio I go…


  1. Wow! Lots of work in all those lovely quilts. Be sure and sign up to do it again next year! Ha Ha! I am leaving early in the morning for your old hometown — arrive in the windy city about 1:00 and since I can’t get into the hotel until my friends arrive at 4 (ended up bunking with them — 3 to a room becuz they ran out of rooms) and we are meeting up with a past board member for dinner later. I get my own room Friday thru Monday though!

    Back really late Monday night. Have to miss the SAA function and darn — I could have brought my new red ukulele and joined the entertainment! Guess my rendition of Pearly Shells will have to wait……

    C 🙂

  2. You ARE a doll Carolyn…did you note that the black and white and red one is made out of those old vintage fabric samples from Bill’s Mom?? (I held my breath when I washed it, but it came out looking great!)Linnea…I did 10 and have two more in the works. The “opening” is tonight and it’s the “Christmas show”…so, cash and carry. Don’t know if I hope they sell or if I hope they don’t…because I really think I’d better not spend my entire life quilting tiny quilts. The things really take so dang long to make it’s slave labor…

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