ROBERT’S BOOKS…and more…

There’s this really GREAT used book store at the beach…Robert’s…owned by a book lover who also owns a new book store (Bob’s Beach Books).  But it’s the used bookstore that lures us in, past the funny parking sign

to the sign that tells you this is a serious book store

…and in you go where in every direction there are books as far as you can see

and after a purchase, we got a coffee and a scone and sat the the beach, making crumbs which were immediately noticed by the gull on duty…

and after enjoying our scone and a view of the pounding surf…

we noticed we were going to make the gull pretty happy…

and I began to get interested in just how far away we’d have to go before he’d close in…ANSWER: 3 feet…

after finishing his snack he took off and bid us a not-very polite farewell (sorry readers…)



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