The Rest of the Weekend

The Seattle weekend didn’t ONLY have quilts in it…it had art and fun too.  We arrived in time Friday to go to the Design Center for the screening of the new video and reception for the COMMUNITY ARTISTS PROGRAM, brainchild of Anne Lancaster.  In this terrific program she matches display venues with artists work and finds venues for work to be seen…outside of a traditional gallery (i.e. the windows of a Safeway).  The partnership with artists and community is terrific.  The film was good and the film making was ongoing…with just about everybody photographing just about everybody (Anne’s in the center)

There was food, wine and schmoozing

and…of course…ART (in this case ART Wolfe…)

and lots of others

a good time was had by all

and we raced off into the night following the familiar Mini Cooper

Saturday, after a day of sewing, we hit the Ballard Artwalk…principally to see the photos of Tod Gangler at the Ballardworks

The Ballardworks is three or four floors of studios and display areas…open the 2nd Saturday of each month for the roving public…other stuff we saw in cluded these clay cups…in the shape of a cup…

the encaustic paintings of Joan Stuart Ross

and more…

Sunday we did the terrific Ballard market

saw the new home of my FAVORITE store “Souvenir”

briefly considered lunch…

enjoyed the music…

checked the way red cars park on the curb…

and headed home…


  1. What a nice weekend indeed! You are so thorough with all your links to these good folks and their endeavors. Art sure seems to be the flourishing wherever you go.

    Now I see why the loss of your camera while traveling was so upsetting. You take great pics of the mundane and everyday and thread it beautifully into a compelling story. Nice!

    Loved our time together.

  2. Hey! Souvenir is MY favorite store…..on my must-visit list in Seattle for years, I even have several magazine clips about Curtis. I was there just before they closed–at that point he said he wasn’t sure what was next.

    So glad to know I can visit again during upcoming Seattle visit. Speaking of Ballard, my first home as a married lady (7-7-62) was a tiny cottage at 6521 Jones NW. Only heat–a Franklin stove so we moved to find warmth shortly after Xmas. And of course after 50 years the place is gone, but not the memories.

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