Corduroy 11-12-11, Hair of the Dog…

Of course the day AFTER corduroy appreciation day, at LeeAnn’s, we REALLY appreciated corduroy in the creative way…we took the two squares (one from each)

Lee Ann made a third and decided to rotate the whole thing

we got out all the leftover bits and cut them into strips

and we just started in…placing, sewing, placing…here it goes…

…and we ALMOST got every single piece in…

FINISHED!  3 hours start to finish…

…photo op…

and then she made chicken soup and checked the blogs…!!

and here’s the faithful dog, whose hair is with us, the adorable Malti

Years ago I painted the picture of the first Australian shepherd in this household, Lil, on Sam’s wall when Sam was a little boy.  Sam moved into his own apartment this weekend and Lil has gone, but Malti was there to keep us company…


  1. I hate to reveal what we found to be true…just about anything, once sewn together, looks fine. Oops…so much for artistry!

  2. I must agree with all the positive comments. That is an artistic group of fabrics that you two have stitched together. Great collaborative job from you two artists!

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