“Leland #1,” Lee Kelly/Bonnie Bronson

As “Capital Taps” pointed out in the comments of the last post, the Izquierdo sculpture sits in the middle of Lawrence Halprin’s fountain corridor in Portland.  Beginning at the north is the Forecourt Fountain (or the Ira Keller Fountain) with Pettygrove Park next (location of the Izquierdo sculpture) and then the Lovejoy Fountain.  Here is Halprin’s sketch plan of the system, available in a more readable version here (thank you CT)…

continuing south, uphill, is the Lee Kelly/Bonnie Bronson sculpture “Leland #1” of 1975…

The outer Corten steel is Kelly, the inner red enameled steel plates are Bronson.

Bonnie Bronson died prematurely in a climbing accident in 1990, and this year is the 20th anniversary of an award fellowship started in her name in 1991…Corten steel now almost looks a bit “dated” to modern eyes, but those brilliant red panels snap it into perspective nicely.  Time for a Thanksgiving stroll???

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