This and That…

Thanksgiving was fun with turkey and family and all that good stuff…though I didn’t take time out to photo it all, since I was the hostess, so just think of your own day, and ditto that for ours. Besides my lovely family and a tummy full of good food, I’m thankful this year for the “360panorama” app on my iPhone that produces these fun photos…my studio:

the Hallie Ford lobby:

the Bistro, where we went for coffee:

Nan’s studio (where you can buy WONDERFUL handmade Christmas Crackers…the English kind, not the edibles!):

and dinner time at our house:

too much fun! And here’s the corduroy quilt on the guest bed in the sewing room…came out pretty good, no?

and last of all I noted recently that I’ve made over 700 posts since I started blogging in 2007…didn’t think I had that much to say. One of my first posts was about the red tree out front that is the LAST tree on our street to drop it’s leaves. And this year I took another picture of it…yesterday…still the very last tree with leaves and just GLOWING away…

That about sums up November news from Court Street…


  1. The corduroy quilt looks cozy! Love it against the wall color. The red tree looks beautiful too. All the fall colors are already gone from the landscape here. Still warm though!

  2. The panoramic pics are great. Delightful sneak peek at your studio and home. Love the quilt in it’s new space and your red tree is spectacular.

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