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We’re back.  What a terrific holiday we had, and what a lovely beginning to 2012 from the beach.  I finished a few 2011 projects like the ugly fabric challenge quilt # 2

and the utopia quilt

we hung up the Christmas present lantern from “Santa”

took in the bright moonlight (sorry…cellphone photo) reflected in the Bay,

which, during the day, is still beautiful…

We went to Mo’s for chowder (a mighty quiet place on January 3rd)

where we had a GREAT view of Cutler City…

and attacked our newest neighborhood problem:

…our neighbor’s Dad insists on driving across our lawn when we aren’t there, so…instead of asking again we just instituted a “traffic control device”,  a volunteer pine from out of the flower bed… growing in a pot of lavender.  In this case R put the whole pot in the ground.  The Dad got the message…he apologized.  And really, it looks kind of cute:

the question is, can we avoid backing over it ourselves??

Upon our return today it was sunny and bright so we raced out to Minto Island Park (what a treasure) for a bike ride/walk

followed by a quick Starbuck’s visit.

Okay January, roll on.