Artist Marie Watt will be featured in a mid-career retrospective show at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art, opening February 4, 2012.  As she is not able to come out west for the installation process, I volunteered, with Sharon Rose, to help get colorful bindings sewn on some 150 blankets for one of the pieces in the show, “Dwelling.”  It’s a stack for some 800-1000 blankets:

“story” blankets, plain blankets AND…blankets with bindings…In this photo Marie is in the middle…in front of the stack…

Greenbaum’s Quilted Forest has kindly loaned us their back room and 6 sewing machines for this project, and today was day one.  We delivered boxes of blankets Friday

and started in this morning


a hearty band of volunteers sewing…

Elan provided entertainment…

and by day’s end we had about 50 blankets completed.  We’ll pin and sew this week until we’re done…come on down and help out…make the stack grow!!  240 Commercial ST NE…10 a.m. til 4:00 p.m.



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