“Dwelling”..Day 3

Here is a group of intrepid women…

L to R: Sharon Rose, Irene Mylan, Martha Curry, Cindy Pentony, Maya Close and Melinda Woodward.  (Not pictured were Sara Swanborn, Irene Longaker, Cynthia Wilcox, Bonnie Schulte, and Penny Unverzagt.)

These women helped sew and deliver 164 blankets (in three days!!) to the Hallie Ford Museum… with new binding attached… in aid of MARIE WATT’S piece “Dwelling” which will be featured in the upcoming show opening at the museum February 4, 2012.

The show will travel from the Hallie Ford Museum of Art to the Tacoma Art Museum, and then finally, the blankets we worked on this week will be distributed to homeless people and others in need in this community.  SPECIAL thanks to Greenbaum’s Quilted Forest and the fabulous staff there who made us welcome this week and made the process easy.  What an adventure!!!


  1. great!!! love the group portrait, except the artist-photographer isn’t there :)) Great idea to distribute the “Dwelling” to the homeless!!

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