“Dwelling”…Day 2

We were back at it today…our intrepid little band of volunteers… (Irene on the left, Cyndy in the center, Sharon on the right, Martha stepped out for a phone call…Melinda was pinning out front)…trying to add more blankets to Marie Watt’s stash for the piece “Dwelling” to be in her upcoming show…

Interesting facts we learned today…wool is naturally fire retardant and doesn’t need to be treated (hence wool upholstery in airplanes, etc…)  the blankets we are working on are 80% wool, 20% man-made, which a nice lady who raises sheep stopped by and told us is a pretty high wool-to-synthetic ratio.  When all the blankets are stacked

the weight load will probably be upward of 3000 pounds…no surprise to some of us who manhandled quite a few blankets today…

Given our small but focused crew we felt like we did pretty well…

4 boxes delivered back to the museum…

and tomorrow we think will be our last day working at Greenbaum’s Quilted Forest, and we’re concentrating on red…we start at 9:30…come on down…


  1. Indeed an intrepid little band! Very impressive work. The photos are great, love the basket of red! Not that I could do this work but you make me wish I could.

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