Flood Report: Day 2

Last night the water kept rising…streaming out of the creek onto the streets…and it looked like this:

but this morning the waters were down…

so I had a coffee with a friend and headed to the gym.  The gym sits on a rise above Wallace Marine park…a big park with ball fields and many paths…but not today…the Willamette River had covered the entire park…

In our community there are many homeless people and transients and the river bank usually houses camps of people and singletons…apparently somebody got stranded by the water and the resuce effort was in full swing…

But by then it was pouring rain again so I scampered home before the boat was launched…

Hold on…help is on the way…



  1. Similar stories further South in Corvallis. Good to know that you are okay! Have you heard any word from the coast? Wondering how Cutler withstood the 90 – 100 mph winds that were forecast!

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