Shifting Gears…

The flood waters have receded and, for the moment, the rain has stopped. Roger has been researching and writing, looking for photos, really doing the work for the book and show of the work of sculptor Manuel Izquierdo (1925-2009), still a year away. This week a few photos came to the surface…thought you might like to see this one since George Johanson (a classmate and colleague of Manuel’s at the Museum School) was able to identify all of the “students”.

Kneeling is well-known sculptor James Lee Hansen, then Rick Norwood, Jack Hammack, and Manuel Izquierdo at far right. The photo was taken at the Museum School about 1949.

We don’t know what Norwood and Hammack went on to do, but I’m interested in how much bigger the sculptures of Hansen and Izquierdo are, both going on to rich careers as sculptors in the Pacific Northwest. Hansen and Izquierdo were both students of Portland sculptor Frederic Littman, which causes a bit of reflection on the artistic results (even here in Oregon) of the horrific turmoil of Europe in the war years. Littman, a Hungarian, was escaping war in Paris…arriving in Portland in 1941 and teaching first at Reed College, then on to the Museum school. Izquierdo himself escaped Spain as a youngster (with his two siblings), arriving in New York in 1942, and in Portland in 1943.


  1. Thanks for the art historical-political account, Bonnie! How interesting that the work of Hansen & Izquierdo already have something of their individual “stamp”. Intrigued by the piece peeking around the panel’s edge…What a great find! Hooray for Roger!

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