The Home Stretch for Dwelling (and Engine)

By Friday afternoon the stack is 800 blankets tall…and Angela said they are aiming for 988 and finishing by the end of the work day today!  The scaffolds are now in use to reach the top of the pile, and everyone is working in stocking feet…take a look:

Maybe a little bit a fatigue is setting in??

Meanwhile, over at “Engine” things are also going pretty well, as curator Rebecca Dobkins steps back to observe…


  1. This is Read. Very cool exhibition, here. Wish I could see it! Have you by chance met Jessica Wilks (a former UO grad student with me and registrar at the Tacoma Art Museum)? I can’t seem to confirm it with her, but she seems to be down in Salem helping out. Hope you and Roger are doing well and you and your house are relatively dry!

  2. Thank you for this insight into the installation of the Marie Watt show. I attended it this weekend and was very moved by the work … a remarkable body of accomplishment in many media. Ms. Watt is articulate and thoughtful in her comments; I left the museum with a lot to consider.

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