100 Artists and the Ukelele

We’ve been away for a few days…more on that tomorrow.  Today, though, was a Salem day.  Did I tell you I started playing the Ukelele?  Really…too much fun..Sharon and Carol and I go to class at 8:00 a.m….practically the middle of the night for some of us…(me mostly)…Carol has a cute red uke she got in Hawaii:

but Sharon and I have the more sedate “Travelers”…

and we just rock out…and then have to go have some coffee to get through the rest of the day.

I didn’t take my camera on my bike ride today, but I DID take it along to the opening of “The Art of Communication”…the tenth annual (and last, alas) 100 Artists show at the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery.  It was so crowded I couldn’t get a shot of any of the art, but will go back this week and take a photo of my favorites…here’s what it looked like at about 5:15 tonight…(and note…it’s a little bit LIGHT outside!!)

and here;s Mary Lou herself…in her element!

You’ve got a month to get down there and take a look!


  1. Ukeleles? Is pot legal in the capital city, now? What has come over you guys? How wonderful. The quintessential renaissance woman. Painting, quilting, culinary, and now ukelele music. I can see you on “America’s Got Talent”. A real crowd favorite.
    Put me on the CD release list.

  2. Bonnie,

    What a hoot! I’m learning to play the uke as well–great minds? After I finish working at the Capitol this month maybe I could take lessons with you?

    Would you call me when you have time? 503-986-1861


  3. Looks like you were reading an article about that supposed DaVinci portrait? Read and I watched a special about it on NOVA.

    Your ukelele is the cutest.

  4. We have a neighbor who teaches Ukelele and performs with a local group called the Ukes of Hazard…you would love!!

  5. And so, do you tune your uke to “My dog has fleas”?

    “If you like ukulele lady, ukulele lady like-a you!” — lyrics to a great hapa-haole ukulele tune.

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