100 Artists…my favorites…

Went back to the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery today to see the Art of Communication show without all the people, and arrived during a lull in the storm of visitors…thankfully…

First, my piece (well.. it IS my blog so, okay)

and then my favorites…chosen by walking through the show and finding pieces that seemed to “speak to me”…not listed in order of preference…just random…first Doug Dacar’s piece, I always find his work original and pleasing and handsome…

second Patricia Giraud’s intaglio print…I like the traditional medium, the magpie reminding me of the great far west, and the letters (I seem to think of the word “library” for some reason…the letters aren’t all there), the nest…

Nancy Lindburg’s collage seems deeply personal and almost musical…notational…

Kim Robertson’s piece seems un-contrived…almost cute but then–not…well realized in concept and execution

This piece by Pamela Huntington is well edited and carries a timeless and sort of melancholy feel to it…the “story” is complete here, even though I don’t know what it is…

And Kristin Kuhn’s piece…beautifully put together, absence of color except for Cowboy Bob (or whoever he is) peeking out the top, whimsical but NOT cute…

Tomorrow I could go back and choose six more favorites…and THAT is the fun of the show.  Go take a look…the bidding is open!


  1. Hello.. Thank you for the kind words about my piece in this show. My letter from Jane Wynn said “most rarefied” and contained the clovers in the piece… the rest just fell into place around the “rare”clovers and items I from my collections…Thank you again so very much.. the show looks fabulous!!!


  2. Bonnie, Thank you very much for including my print in your choice of favorites – I am flattered. I was happy to have the chance to exchange a few words with you before the opening crowd became large and boisterous; it was a fun night. I am (re)visiting the show this weekend and look forward to admiring your work again at my quiet leisure. Thank you again for the kind review.

  3. Hello, my name is Eryn Rowley Watson. I am very much interested in learning more about this project. My father was a Dennis Rowley, to whom the envelopes of the stamp collection were addressed. It warms my heart, and at the same time saddens it, to discover my dad’s collection inspired so many. He is missed greatly. -Best, Eryn

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