Wednesday Miscellany…and Pot Roast

Wednesday was one of those good solid days…early start, many facets, lots done.  But first (and actually it WAS the first thing in the day), the pot roast.  We, as a rule, don’t eat red meat (…well maybe the occasional lamb chop…), but R has had a hankering for pot roast.  I have only made pot roast once in my life and that was after Linnea served it to me up in Port Townsend last spring, and it was sooooo good and so easy.  Slow cooker, no browning, no..nothing at all really.

Pot roast (maybe about 3 pounds)…vegetables…packaged dry onion soup mix, combine and turn on cooker.  It looks like this:

now go to uke class and play like crazy

…get a coffee…

and when you get home it smells sooooo good in the house…

so go take a walk at Minto…

come home and finish the red and white quilt…

read the NY Times…time for an early dinner and it is GOOD!

just in time to go hear Barbara Mahoney talk about slavery, statehood, and Asahel Bush (1824-1913), sponsored by Bush House museum…

…and get ready for tomorrow…another Manuel Izquierdo research day in Portland.  As we left Portland last week we drove by the “Miller fountain” at Barnes Rd and Miller Road…Mardy was pretty sure this cast concrete fountain was Manuel…as yet to be substantiated by the scholars…stay tuned…


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