Sign of the Times….

We drive by them daily, all of us.  Being visual, I’m always attracted to the signs people hold while panhandling…Have thought of taking a series of photos, I see a cool one and then… I’m in a hurry, or there’s no place to park…I drive on by.  This time I stopped and asked if I could take a picture of the sign in exchange for $1.  He couldn’t believe it, but he said yes, and “God Bless You…”


  1. bonnie, that is a fine notion, to ‘see’ those signs as you do. and then your paying the man to take the picture impresses us as a way to give dignity to the situation. he was left fulfilled on two counts… someone ‘saw’ his handmade signage and paid him for it. and he had 1dollar more toward his existence that day. love your posts! (nicholsloy studio)

  2. Very much agree w/ the previous comment. I carry a few dollar bills for such. Though knowing it solves nothing, hoping it might be a tiny positive ripple in a bleak day. Wonderful photo!
    The extra little extention for the “n” is perfect. As well as the varied colors of cardboard. Truly fine “outsider art” when selected by your eye.

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