Gordon Gilkey, March 10, 2012

Gordon Gilkey gave us a lot.  He rounded up lost works in Europe after WW II, he taught a few generations of students at OSU, he curated prints at the Portland Art Museum from 1978 until his death in 2000.  Additionally he established the Vivian and Gordon Gilkey print Center at the Portland Art museum donating over 7000 prints from his personal collection.  Today is the 100th anniversary of his birth!  This photo came to light recently with Manuel Izquierdo on the left and Gordon Gilkey on the right, on the occasion of the opening on a show of Manuel’s sheperds in 1999 in the gallery at PNCA named for Manuel.  Happy birthday Gordon…

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  1. As his great niece, thank you for posting this! I don’t have many photos of Gordon, and I’ve always admired him. 🙂

    How do you know Gordon? And how did you come about this photo??

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