Research of Every Sort: OHS & the MAC Club

Off to Portland last week for a very interesting research day that started at the Oregon Historical Society.  Before we got to the library we saw the Lewis & Clark kites, this one called “Native Angels or Tribute to Women” by JoAnne Weber…

and this completely adorable tear drop trailer.

Then straight to the library where ALL cameras and devices had to be stored in a locker.  That left me with a golf pencil and a piece of paper…eek…I don’t like being without devices…

and a pencil with a dull point…?

but eventually…LUNCHTIME!

so we headed to the South Park where the cherry blossoms were in bloom inside.

After lunch we checked the spot near the museum where a GIANT tree fell a few weeks ago, hitting a pedestrian and taking out a stained glass window in the church across the street…

Late in the afternoon we headed to the Multnomah Athletic Club to meet up with Richard and Sarah and tour the art collection there.  When you walk through the front door a huge Henk Pander mural from the mid-1980’s

with a panorama of Portland greets you…

and then the real reason for the visit…a Manuel “Icarus” from 1979

with a few bonuses including this handsome Lee Kelly sculpture on the staircase

plus the historic photos of the MAC club site and various incarnations…I especially liked this one of the workers shanties and gardens in the foreground with the big houses on the hill

and then three views of the club as it expanded (they tore down some pretty nice buildings, no?…)

The stadium was originally a dog racing track, then the home of the baseball team (the Beavers), and now the home of the Portland soccer team, the Timbers.  Great view from the siting room…

Thanks Richard and Sarah for the treat!


  1. Always a treat to get his in our email mornings, after breakfast, enjoying our vicarious adventure with our cups of white peony tea.
    Your pencil pages are a kick. Easier to read and see when clicked on and enlarged. Looks as if you’re involved in what we are involved in… writing a statement for MLZ’s ‘Art Builds Community’.
    BTW, a GREAT icarus!

  2. Thanks guys…my current sleep cycle has me posting at night which makes me feel like the “paperboy,” leaving a little something on your electronic doorstep for the morning…my ABC statement is in…phew!

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