Living the Creative Life: Sue-Del McCulloch

I’m in love with Sue-Del’s Akebana cherry tree, and we’d set Monday as the day I might come out and take a look.  She and John planted it when it was a “whip” no bigger than her finger.  Now it sits majestically with it’s columns (designed by architect friend Bill Lindburg) and although the buds had not totally unfurled, it was gorgeous…and the bees were humming…

…and since I was out there, we took a look at the studio.  She and John moved out to the country about 25 years ago, (and I well remember there was not a single growing thing around the house.  They planted it all!)  Monday she told me the studio story:  they moved out to the new house just before Christmas.  There were five kids, a busy household and life BUT… she was determined to make the former horse barn into her studio.  It was filled with manure, even the tack room.  She shoveled and shoveled, then family life took over for a while…son John was building a tree house down by the barn for the “little boys” and the whole family was forbidden in the area for a while.  On the day of the reveal, Sue-Del was asked to open the tack room door…

TA DA.  A studio ready to go.  Now she’s been painting here for years and it has the lovely feel of a studio…take a look:

(Here are “my guys”…painters Carl Hall and Paul Missal, sculptor Robert Hess, husband John…providing inspiration…)

It was a beautiful visit on a beautiful day…

Sue-Del shows her work at Waterstone Gallery in Portland, and in Salem with Mary Lou Zeek Gallery.


  1. Bonnie! Thank you for making my place look goregous and the excelent job of telling our stories! John (and Bill) would be proud. Thank you especially for your sweet visit, tree-grooming and bringing the sunshine!

  2. chatting while tree-grooming, learning about the fierce New Yorkers, the plantings of trees…an extra bonus. Just nice to spend some time on a sunny day…xo B

  3. What a dream space. Her art is fantastic. I hope to visit the Waterstone Gallery when I visit Portland. Thanks for the inspirations.

  4. Bonnie, We met during the opening of Mary Lou Zeek’s 100 Artists show. I have been visiting your blog daily since that evening. I enjoy your writing and photos but especially the visits to your studio and Sue-Del’s. Thank you for sharing your adventures.

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