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A quiet day around town today.  Visited the stadium in Bush’s Pasture Park (it was the purchase of 10 acres by Willamette University for this stadium in the 1950’s that kept a big road being put through the middle of the park…thanks Willamette…)

but we went not for park history, but to see Robert Hess’ sculpture of track coach Chuck Bowles…finally out of storage and in place at the finish line, where Bowles  stood with stop watch in hand for 40+ years…

Also went to a meeting over at the State Lands Building, which I hadn’t been inside of for years.  I was on the 1% for art committee that chose Tad Savinar for a big commission…and the work still looks fresh…

and additionally he did the sand-blasted glass too…nice:

Late in the afternoon we went down to the Zeek Gallery to see the Cuba photos and get a tiny cupcake, but I got to talking and forgot to take pictures…go see.  On the way back to the car we ducked through the alley and saw this found drawing stuck behind the downspout of a building…better go find it tomorrow!