Living the Creative Life: Steve Keasler

Steve is a retired shipping magnate (wink) and when we were visiting his wife, quilter Mary Keasler last week, we got an invite to the “Man Mall”…Steve’s domain.  Steve is a metal man, a motor man, a fixer and rescuer…a volunteer fireman, a lover of old stuff.  As I prowled around it began to occur to me that this space was exactly like so many artists’ studios I’ve visited over the last few years.  It felt, well, “familiar.”  So I thought I might just show you the “Man Mall” because creative things happen here…

…note the familiar groups of stuff…pencils, tools, well–nuts and bolts–

And then projects…current and future.  Steve found this adorable tiny scooter discarded on the street and got it working again…

and there may be a future pergola in the works (columns from Mary’s Mom’s old house…now torn down)

and then, of course, vehicles

For only $5 Steve opened the trailer doors for us and…surprise…it was full of old furniture…

…here’s part of his working life as a volunteer fireman…

and even a little bit of artistic inspiration…A little Mary watercolor from college days…

…somehow I don’t think they’ll be moving to a condo anytime soon?  (Thanks Steve…)


  1. Especially like Steve’s “stash” of nuts and bolts, tubular items, brackets, plumbing joints, and round things with a splash of orange, blue and yellow. It has that “Gee’s Bend Feeling”.

  2. Not everyone has the privilege of crossing the “dematerialized” line to visit the man mall. But since you wrote such a glowing piece, you will always be welcome.

  3. My Dad was a welder, fixer of absolutely any-and-every-thing, a creative soul who made wonderful things when he wasn’t working days, nights and weekends to keep the mills and ranchers going in Grant County. His enormous shop seemed like a place of magic and Steve’s place reminds me of Dad’s. Thanks for taking us ‘across the line’ w/ your wonderful photos!

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