Frankie’s Garden

I forgot to mention that Frankie started playing uke with Carol and Sharon and me.  When we were dropping her off the other day (Frankie and George are neighbors in the historic district) she invited us to stroll her garden saying “it’s a little wild”…but in fact it’s just plain beautiful…and it’s only just May.  The sound of water is the background music you need to imagine…her own waterfall near the house and then Mill Creek at the bottom of the garden…  Take a stroll…she said she didn’t mind…

…and look…there’s Carol’s house across the creek!


  1. Thanks Bonnie. You made it look better than it really is. You didn’t even show the weeds. Now, I probably had better get out there and work.

  2. What a little piece of heaven! Who cares about the weeds we’re too busy looking at all the beauty Frankie :0), you need to look at it through Bonnie’s eyes and see the whole peacefulness of the garden and not a couple of imperfections like weeds.
    What a great place to relax and recharge.

    Happy sewing Bonnie

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