Mary Lou Zeek, Gallery 2

This morning I stuffed some art in the car

and headed up to Mary Lou Zeek’s to drop off the two pieces for the second half of her show, which opens next week.

Gallery two is in her pretty back yard

(The blank green wall is where my pieces will go)

…and here’s the nice sculpture by Robert Hess…(I would love this in my garden…)

Think my pieces will look good…more after the opening next week…


  1. At Last . . .culture on my computer . . .No more teasing talk by
    friends, long plugged in . . .””Haven’t you seen Bonnie’s Blog”
    Now I HAVE………..Hooray for Bonnie, and Hooray for ME !

  2. Hi, Bonnie. I’m back home, facing weeds as tall as me, but still happy! Enjoyed the gallery walk, and Frankie’s garden is awesome. I have so many marvelous memories of my visit there with you. I almost miss Salem!
    best, nadia

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