“The Mystery Project”

You know I really like Art House Coop and their Sketchbook Project.  But all spring I’ve also been doing some of their weekly projects, that have been fun and very amusing.  The current one is called “The Mystery Project.”  I received a nice Prismacolor marker in the mail along with the instructions which included a “theme” and the instructions to create a small work and install it in a public place, leaving it for somebody to find, while documenting the process.  Just about then I got some “packaging” which was a series of little cards.  I was having a coffee and trying to think what to do when it came to me suddenly…me, the drawer of hundreds of cups of coffee:

I would go to a coffee place, order a coffee and draw it, then leave the “good luck coffee card” for somebody to find…VOILA!  I wrote my theme on the back of each card, and then added the http://www.sketchbookproject.com url…in case the finder wanted to check up on the project.

Card #1

card #2

card # 3

now really…even for me…there’s only so much coffee I can drink (and afford!) so it was time for a Gin and Tonic card…

and the next day I left the LAST coffee card:

…and now I’ll forward this post to sketchbook as my documentation, so you all have been part of the process…


  1. After watching the barristas tidy the coffee places, I suspect the cards were mostly tossed out but/…the photos live on!

  2. This is project is waaay tooo wonderful.
    Iʻm supposed to be practicing equanimity here, but for a split second I caught myself wanting one of those cards. Back to the cushion, dear!
    Thanks for taking us on this little journey.

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