1. John would be glad to know of your enjoyment of this beautiful park. He was called “the father of Minto Brown Park” in an enthusiastic tribute after the dump was closed & the park was really formed. He was on City Council at the time. It was proposed that the area be used for a baseball field w/ lights, etc. Running & bike trails in the peace of a water-blessed place was much more his vision. It was a tussel, as such things are. Aren’t we glad this side prevailed!

  2. i’d like to run across that old car (chevy) out there some day. i remember as a kid growing up in west salem junk cars were used along the banks of the willamette, i assume to help prevent erosion. the flooding in the flats was like an every year deal. nic

  3. THANKFULLY John kept the pressure on for the sylvan park Minto is today and NOT a baseball field with lights and cars and traffic…to me it seems like a total gem for Salem, you can ride at 5:00 p.m. and not be aware of any rush hour sounds at all…just bird calls. Sharon Rose wrote a nice book about Minto, Cynthia Herron made a series of paintings about a year of visits (and using quotes from Sharon’s book) and the rest of us ride, walk and run as often as we can. Some day I’ll just put something on the blog that is just my favorite Minto photos. Nic I just found the car this year when, due to the flooding, I was forced to ride a different route. I’d been riding right past it without seeing it, but when I changed directions…there it was, reminding me of Ernie Midday…a guy from my childhood who used to fix up old chevy’s and fords…roadsters if you will. AHH. That is getting a LOT to think about from one little bike ride!

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