ALASKA…The Ship Infinity

Wow…that was an adventure!  We went on an 8 day cruise to Alaska last week leaving Seattle and going as far north as Skaguay with a stop in Ketchikan and a stop in Juneau, and a very brief stop in Victoria, plus a few days totally at sea.  This was our first cruise and really, we’ve never done anything like it.  R said we were taking the cruise to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, and there was a bit of resonance…but on the whole it was interesting, fun, amazing in every way….and we got home safely.

Today I’ll show you the ship though…in our case the Celebrity cruise ship Infinity.  It’s about 12 stories tall and dwarfs everything when in dock…we got on board in Seattle…

and that was our only sunny day…here’s the lobby on level 3…

and we took the elevator (there were 3 sets of elevators…needed for the 2000 passengers)

(or you could take the stairs)

to 8 deck and down the “alley”

to 8156…

which looked like this:

and featured some nice views

We quickly toured ourselves around the ship and found our favorite spots…like the Constellation Lounge which by day is a terrific sitting room to get a view, to read or (in my case) to draw and sew…and by night is the venue for all sorts of entertainments, most of which we skipped as we ate dinner about 8:00 p.m. with 4 other friends and lingered over glasses of wine and talk of the day’s activities…

we liked the piano bar where Richard Rubin was holding forth playing some ragtime (R’s favorite)

and for exercise we favored the deck on level 11.  Gretchen did 60 laps a day…R did 15 and I did 4…(well, at least I did four….!)…one time in a GALE wind that almost blew us off the edge!

When docked, the ships loomed over us….

and there were often 3 or 4 or 5 big ships in a port at the same time (imagine 8000 cruisers descending on these little towns…)  In Skaguay I talked to a shop owner who said that between June 1 and September 1 there was only one “no ship” day (and everything closes up that day).  Phew.

The TV had a channel with the map and our progress…like on the airplanes these days…so here was our trip in a nutshell…

Tomorrow: Art Seen and Made….


  1. Alaska, how exciting. Usually people go to the warmer climes of the Caribbean or the Mexican Riviera on their 1st cruise. Wonderful pictures and commentary.

  2. boy were we ever hoping you’d be posting this adventure. a gorgeous cruise ship. we especially like the private ‘deck’ off the cabin. nice place for a cocktail. we’d always hoped to take a road trip up the alaskan highway. the cruise looks far more cushy and relaxed than our camping idea.

  3. Welcome home! Safe & also sound, having done at least 4 laps around to keep in shape. Good for you! So glad you both had a great time. Can’t wait to see “art seen & made”!

  4. Marvelous, dahling. What a wonderful trip and the accommodations look perfect. I look forward to seeing more and more.

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