(and I don’t mean vitamins)…Laura suggested that we each make one small piece a day for a month and I (what was I thinking???) agreed.  Mine are fabric/quilt oriented and I’ve had a LOT of fun with them.  They’re portable, serendipitous, funny, sad.  Here’s a few:  (I have 27 completed as of this writing…)


We’re off on a cruise to Alaska…See you in June!!!



  1. Wonderful, Bonnie! How many more? Will you take any ‘makings’ on the cruise? May you have a perfectly grand time!

  2. I think I need to draw a hint from this project and start insisting to myself that I do one creative thing each day…knitting or quilting or embroidering. I am losing all my skills and feeling very unproductive and that might be an antidote.

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