Meanwhile…back in Salem…

The summer begins…and happily the Minto Island Growers  (MIG) farm cart is back in business!

we stopped for lunch and were just behind this guy who was having the delicious asparagus soup and a fresh Oregon strawberry milkshake…

Pretty soon they are getting a wood-fired pizza oven out here!!!  Yippeee!  Open for lunch Tuesday through Saturday…go take a look.  And while you’re waiting for your lunch, check out the new picnic tables…they are real gems…

of course tons of vegetable plant starts too…

straight out River Road to Brown’s Island road…take a right…follow the green signs…you won’t be sorry.

So, after my asparagus soup and MIG iced tea (terrific…not sweet but very flavorful) I headed over to Sharon’s for some uke practice.  She had made a Temple Grandin-style “Thunder Blanket” for Pip who suffers during storms and fireworks (and ukulele practice…ahem) and Pip modeled for me

and it seemed to work…she was pretty calm during our raucous practice session…not thrilled, but calm…

Meeting later down at Project Space…this summer it starts June 15th and will include the work of about 25 artists doing performance, installations, music and 2-d…back in the old Metropolitan Store space on Liberty Street downtown…open T-Sat 11-2…

this day a meeting of the studio artists who are working down there…deciding on which spaces to use…

and then…finally…on to the carwash!!!


  1. You always make me wish I could be there. Love the TG wrap for Pip. I must give that a try for my Annie-cat.
    As for the artist spaces – what a brilliant idea. Again, wish I could be there

  2. Hi, Bonnie. Glad to see you’re back home. Really enjoyed your Alaskan saga! A very interesting idea to carry 10″ squares with you–and I like the your results. Will you put them together or into larger pieces or will they stand alone?
    best, nadia

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