Variety or Confusion??

Since Thursday evening we’ve been on the road and have seen such a variety of stuff I hesitate to try and cram it into one little post…but here goes…

Thursday  evening we went up to see Stephan Soihl’s new show at Blackfish Gallery…a real tour de force of his mechanized sculptures…created this year in spite of an illness…

and then enjoyed a celebratory dinner with Stephan, painter Paul Missal, painter Angela Passalaqua and husband Larry, and painter Barbara Black (not pictured)

Friday off to the beach to tidy up for Zach’s bachelor party, a quick visit from Rex Amos (don’t miss the opening of his show at the Hallie Ford Museum of art, a converation with Rex and R, 2:00 on June 16th…Bloomsday….it’ll be fun) who gave us a brief lesson in cutting for collage…

and then an intriguing dash Saturday early down the coast

to take a look at the big piece of concrete dock from Japan…the first of the tsunami debris to arrive in Oregon…washed up near Agate Beach just a short drive south of our little beach house…

Even at 7:30 on a Saturday morning it was beginning to draw a crowd and EVERYBODY had a camera…it actually was helpful to take a photo of somebody near the dock for scale (HI Susan!)…it’s 66 feet long, 19 feet wide and 7 feet high…and it came from from the port town of Misawa…one of four docks wrenched loose in the Aomori Prefecture on the northern tip of the main island.

it was WRENCHED from it’s original site and the violence of the moment is not lost on those of us with houses in the Oregon Tsunami zone…

but we now needed some breakfast before a bit of “householding” (R’s terms for clean up of various types around the homesteads…)

before heading home for a tribute dinner Mary Lou Zeek hosted for all the artists in her recent “Beyond the Gallery Doors” shows…it was a beautiful table and a good evening…

and at weekend’s end a neighborhood picnic in honor of Rick’s 50th birthday where everybody was in a hopeful celebratory mood for Rick and for SUMMER!   Plus trampolines…


and Iona’s popsicle moment…summer is in the air!







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