News Bulletin: Church Street Bridge/MIG Pizza

Through much detective work, and with the help of my trusty crew of reporters,  I have discovered the identity of the anonymous artist who lives under the Church Street bridge…though the secret stays right here…anonymity is all.  New things happening down there…

but I think an OVERALL scheme is needed , and here’s my choice….MANY of these tall rock towers, each with bird food on top so each would have a bird on it when you went to look…YES…

And we went for our Tuesday tamales to the MIG farm cart (River Road to Brown’s Island Road, turn right, follow signs) and discovered that the wood fired pizza oven has arrived…

Pizza days will be Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.  On WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13th, slices of pizza will be free…better check it out…


  1. Your overall scheme sounds great so to carry it out, would the anonymous artist welcome additions by others? Or perhaps it is a claimed space by virtue of the ongoing creative acts performed by Anon?

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