Rex Amos at the Hallie Ford Museum

Don’t forget the Rex Amos show of elegant collages and chine colles opening Saturday.  Besides the beautiful finished work, there will be plenty of ephemera to look at…a lifetime of words and images and thinking about both.  Wednesday I had the fun of helping R to do the layout in the cases, which were empty when we arrived…

but we spread all the “stuff” (apologies Rex) out and began to build the display…

I took on the journals, diaries, dream books, notepads…

then there were clippings, show cards…well, you better come see.  The event will be happening on Saturday, June 16th, “Bloomsday” (Rex is a James Joyce fan) and there will be a Joycean reading, plus a lively conversation between R and Rex at 2:00.  See you at the museum…


  1. if we were going to be in town we’d go see the R & R conversation et al, but instead, we will be on the road north to be with sloy’s father on father’s day. thanks for this glimpse into the richness of the material, bonnie.

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