Yesterday was “Bloomsday” when all over the world (but most especially in Dublin) devotees of James Joyce celebrate the master.  Salem probably was never one of the hot beds of celebration historically, but when combined with the opening of Rex Amos’ show of collage, chine colle and ephemera at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art, a celebration was inevitable.

Rex was in good form, and he and Diane and brought with them friend and actress Linda Williams Janke, and her husband Peter.  Linda and Peter did a reading from “Ulysses” that was just about perfect for the moment…(Peter reading Leopold, Linda reading Molly Bloom)

The place was packed and the mood was festive…

afterward we repaired to the deck for a Guinness (?) or…as I learned yesterday, Joyce himself only drank white wine.

This morning serenity prevails,,,

and we’re on to the NEXT celebration…

Rex’s show “Scissor Cuts” (curated by Roger Hull) is on view until August 12th at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art…better go take a look!

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