Kellie’s New Work

I had lunch with Kellie the other day and after “exchange of information” over chicken caesars, she showed me the beautiful died fabrics she has been making.  She’s using a method from an Australian artist name India Flint (“Eco Colour”) where the fabric encases plant and other found material that acts as the color source, and each piece of fabric is wrapped in a bundle and tied before immersion.  The end result will have surprising effects of pattern and color.  I was amazed at the beauty of the fabrics Kellie had made…

and her beginnings of weaving strips of fabric…

she’s also doing some transfer prints on old linen

Shamelessly I asked for a small piece of fabric to applique on one of my squares and when I got home later that day look what I found…

…thanks Kellie…now to get to work…


  1. What exquisite fabrics! Reminds me of the dear old tie dye days but seems so much more refined and sophisticated. The lovely gift of fabric pieces is well deserved…she knew you would extend their beauty yet further.

  2. Dear Miss Bonnie, what a privilege to be on your blog!!!! Thank you so much for the lunch time, your inspiration…and to work I shall get. Mordanted some linens and cottons in tannin last night, going to dye this week with my sister…and then I will get to sewing. See you at Project Space!

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