Project Space Opening….

I was down at Project Space today for my daily 2 hours…Friday night, June 29th is the opening for round one…5:30 to 8:30.  There will be refreshments, art and music…

I’m only a couple of weeks into my project so my contribution is small…

Liz Bauman has been painting like a maniac…and they’re wonderful

and so are the paintings of her small daughter Alex…

Ann Kresge and Rosemary Cohen have more realized “exhibits” (which I forgot to photograph due to conversation with Niels Nielsen about his interesting “instruments” which include this one that started life as a cello but is now an electric bass…)

and so is this one…and they will be making music Friday night…

and check his motorcycle!

At 7:30 performance artist Michael Reinsch will be doing his one man parade and today he was making the “floats” …can’t wait!

See you at the parade!


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