Living the Creative Life: Corrie Loomis-Dietz

Corrie lives in this nice Italianate house on the right…

and her husband Curt is just putting the finishing touches on the workshop/garage (ground floor) and Corrie’s new studio space on the top floor…(the local Historic Landmarks Advisory Commission required them to make the windows smaller and offset the porch so the new building wouldn’t look like an old building…I get the concept, but…)

anyway…up we go

Corrie is a rep for Golden paints (choice of many painters who use acrylic, including me) and often gives classes in methods and techniques SO…she now has a nice classroom space…

plus a new studio area, blissfully out of the house…(and the door at the back leads onto a nice small deck but the railing isn’t complete, so the door stays shut for now…)

we were at Corrie’s to see the studio, drink a little wine and talk about art and houses and siblings and children and aging, and more art.  This time Laura brought a big stack of the one-a-day collages she made since last we gathered, and much discussion ensued…

We got there about 7:00 and by midnight we agreed there was only one thing we could think of that the new studio lacks…

spoons…though Corrie did offer Heidi a palette knife to use to eat her peaches and yoghurt…


  1. What fun! You all covered all the best subjects, too. Hooray for Corrie that she has such a fine new space, both classroom & studio! Don’t get the concept myself of not allowing the new structure to be true to the old style details??

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