A Summer Weekend in Salem…

Friday I finished the little quilt top I’ve been working on down at Project Space (now to actually QUILT it…)

and then I went to CAMP…for an hour.  I visited the Art Camp held at Willamette University and watched with interest as the campers worked on small wax pieces.  They were FEARLESS and willing to try anything and everything, without worrying too much about the end result…though they got some nice results:

this guy loves bacon, so…

and this guy made a little Rothko…though he wanted ME to sign it on the front (??)

Z & A came that evening and in preparation for the 5k they were running the next day, we went to DQ…(my very first Blizzard!)

and Saturday was the Salem Art Fair…an annual event…in the park. We parked at Irene’s and bought a delicious lemonade from Mikalya and Milo, who were VERY enterprising (discount refills for return customers)…

We visited the Hallie Ford Museum booth in time to get a shot of Jonathan cutting up…

and after buying a terrific new winter coat (photo this winter sometime…) we headed to the wine and beer garden…to meet up with friends…

Sunday we went to Portland to distribute reader copies of R’s manuscript (here’s mine)

visited George and Phyllis (see YESTERDAY’S post)

and headed to Doug and Marie’s for a scrumptious dinner in the serene backyard

with dessert served by our good-natured nephew Finley…

I guess we didn’t get swimming, otherwise a perfect weekend.  New week ahead…


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