Can’t get Away from Summer (PHEW!)

Yesterday the sky was soooo blue.  Just pure blue.  I love summer.  I love lettuce.

I love watching Alex work…

and I LOVE “Play Me I’m Yours”…11 pianos located all around Salem for people to play…it ends Sunday the 29th and I’m very sad to see it go.

But now we start the wedding countdown…one week from TODAY!!  The bride (the beautiful Ashton) and the groom (our wonderful Zach) are particularly well suited…



  1. Oh Bonnie! A breath of smiling blue skies and young love and making art and happy pianos…all the very best that life has to offer in one perfect view through your eyes! Thanks.

  2. Why don’t you post a recent picture of the soon-to-be bride and groom so we can see if they look any different after the wedding.

  3. I’m working up to it Rex…some different photos everyday this week and then YOU can decide if they look different…I believe tomorrow will feature costumes…(Ashton is a costumer, after all…and Zach is kind of an actor in a way…corporately speaking anyway)…

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