The Wedding Countdown…Two More Days…

This is probably the last pre-wedding post I’ll make…tomorrow, “one more day,” will involve us getting up early to cut dahlias at Sharon’s, zooming to Portland, the rehearsal and dinner, etc….I guess I’ll make one more big wedding post AFTER the fact…and then it will be back to “On The Way” as you know it (…and thanks for indulging me, readers.)

Today, on this day, it is about family.  Both Zach and Ashton are only children, and neither seemed spoiled, but both were adored by parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, close family friends.  Here we go…

and of course I have MANY more photos of Zach…

and, believe it or not, I managed to find a photo of BM Rob and GW Becky with Zach!!!

okay…enough already…let’s get packing!!


  1. great historical photos. simply love the pics of you & roger young. all that long hair! we could dig out photos like that of ourselves as well. it will be a perfect wedding in every way. enjoy. (san & dave)

  2. My favorite of these is the one of Zach and Bruce on the lower right. I vividly remember both of them at that time. What a long time ago it was!

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