The Wedding Countdown…one more day…

The hunter/gatherers (that would be R & me) went to Minto yesterday and “harvested” some Queen Anne’s Lace to fill out the wedding flowers.

This morning we go get the dahlias and off we go, appreciative of all your good wishes…


  1. Congratulations to all and my best wishes for the day. I hope it is not too hot! Hoping they are off a day on that 100 degrees prediction.

  2. All Happiness and Blessings shower upon you all! Zach & Ashton have the blissful look of love and joy in the moment. Dahlias & Queen Anne’s Lace seem perfect as a jolly accompaniment!

  3. Oh joyous matrimonial days! Many blessings upon your family as you come together to celebrate the love of Ashton and Zach!

  4. Congratulations to Zach and Ashton and to their families! We hope you all had a beautiful day yesterday and that today you are enjoying a relaxed time of remembering what a beautiful day yesterday was!

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