Presenting Zachary & Ashton Hull

For those of you who just want to know how it came out…here they are…the groom and the bride…on their honeymoon somewhere on the Olympic peninsula…adorable and happy.  You can skip the blog tomorrow…when I’ll try to give many of the most wonderful details…for those with a need to know…flowers…family…the Last Regiment Syncopated Drum Corps…all of it (well not ALL of it, but…some of it.)  Rob’s toast.


  1. Now why would we want to skip your next blog? Your suggestion that we do so only excites our imagination, as limited as it is. What wonderful smiles in the photo. We haven’t smiled that wide since Nixon said, “I’m not a crook.”.

  2. Wooo hoooooo!!!!
    It was so much fun and such a great pleasure to see Zach and Ashton get married. Great to see all the family and old friends as well!

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