Functioning in the Heat…

R is high-functioning, as you know.  Heat doesn’t seem to stop him.  He doesn’t sit around complaining like some of us (ahem)…he just keeps on going.  Here he is dancing with his cousin Lisa at Zach’s wedding (102 AT LEAST!)

(The two of them used to write novels together when they were growing up in northern Idaho…Lisa’s an academic at Rutgers, and they are both still writing…not fiction though…usually…)  And the Manuel Izquierdo manuscript is almost done, but last night it was tooooo hot in the upstairs office so R set up shop in the front parlor…

I DID go to uke class today and then, of course, Sharon and Carol and I had to have a coffee…

and then straight into the shade for me…keep cool out there you guys…


  1. Cool space. Hope the heat will not follow me west. Although it seems to be destined to follow me to Portland, I’ll be using all my powers to reverse the trend

  2. Your parlor looks very inviting. I have all sorts of projects I need to work on upstairs, but my upstairs office is too hot also and I have been lazy this year to put the window ac units in, oh well. I sat by Sharon and Carol once at an Uke Salem Strummers session, those ladies are a lot of fun to play uke with!

  3. In the first photo Roger is dancing the way I used to watch miners dance as they emerged from the mouth of the Hecla Mine on their way to the bars of Burke. In the second photo he reminds me of a scholar I sat next to in the library at Trinity College Dublin. The scholar was translating the Vedas into Gaelic. I’m sure writing about Manuel is just as challenging.

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