Hanging the show….

Antidote to the heat: the Oregon coast, where we went from 96 to 64 in under an hour.  PHEW!

But today we zoomed back in to pick up my work from the framer’s and hang the show down at Project Space…and the curator did most of the work…

The work is two series of mono-print based drawings generated this summer by the close proximity of other artists (thanks Corrie and Elizabeth and Alex and Kristin and Boz)  and the resulting conversations about mark-making, texts, narrative, figurative/abstract, mothers, children.  It was a satisfying summer in MANY ways for me, and I’m happy with the work and with the way it looks on the wall.  Barbara is seriously supportive of my work and of all the artists who participated.  The work will be up until September 15th, 11-2 T-S, with an opening Wednesday evening September 5, 2012, 5-8.

Tomorrow I take off on a road trip and I’m hoping to post to the blog from the road.  Stay cool.


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