Jonathan Bucci at SAA

Went to Jonathan Bucci’s opening last night and really liked the show…paintings, sculpture and a lino cut or two.

Though a sculptor, Jonathan has been working for a couple of years on a long series of views of a sprig of oregano.  One of the best things in the show for me was a black chalk drawing, but all the work has an immediacy that is palpable.  The sculpture is particularly wonderful as it adds scale and yet a fragility that is in keeping with the subject…one lone sprig of oregano.  The big black piece nicely dominates the show, an amalgam of idea and material at hand (in this case the old shutters off of his house) while the other sculpture…a sort of “junk” oregano…whirls slightly in the breeze of onlookers passing…lively but not a permanent part of the world.

Go take a look…Bush Barn won’t be sorry.  Here’s the oregano painting R & I own…(with apologies for the fuzzy photos, I was using my iphone)…

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