A Sad Moment…

Today in the paper there was an article about the loss of the amazingly beautiful old oak tree in the Lord and Schryver home garden.

One arborist thinks the tree might have been over four hundred years old, growing long before this area was settled…probably part of the oak groves that covered the Willamette Valley.  The landscape architects Lord and Schryver designed their garden to show off the tree at the end of the allee on the garden’s west side…here’s one of Lord and Schryver’s own slides of the tree with the allee garden in full bloom…

and my pictures of the tree of several years ago…

this morning we went by and caught the end of the process…


  1. I remember seeing you two on the garden tour there a year ago. We didn;t know that magical shade it offered would soon be lost. A sad day for the Conservancy.

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