Autumn or Fall?

Apparently, even though some of us are still in a summer mood, FALL IS HERE.  How do I know???  Suddenly bins of things are at the store…

and if I thought those were just SUMMER punkins, there are other clues…

uh oh…and then something catches my eye and it isn’t fresh berries and butter lettuce…

Actually…to be truthful…it was the GRAPHIC that caught my eye (but I didn’t buy it).

But my weekend focus was really finishing a quilt for a beautiful baby girl.  My Cousin Don is a GRANDPA!?  Phew.  His grand-daughter is Grace Patricia named Patricia in honor of her GREAT grandma…who is my much loved Aunty Pat.  Too complicated?  Well here they are…

and here’s the quilt which goes in the mail tomorrow…

My friend Karen prefers “AUTUMN” and I think I’ve always said “FALL”…but I don’t know why.  The midwest???  Fall or no, the sun is shining and the birthday cake is in the oven!



  1. Baby Patricia is a beutiful, lucky little girl. That quilt is gorgeous and I, too, love the continuation of your stiching converting the fabric pattern into line drawing. Wonderful!

  2. Hi, Bonnie. Love the baby quilt and the fabrics you used. Also liked your beach house before and after pictures. And glad you liked my post with you featured. I had fun writing it and remembering our visit. We’ll have to do it again in the not too distant future!
    best, nadia

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