Art Laundry…Part 1

I leave Friday for California, for a 10 day sojourn in Fort Bragg.  Carolyn Schneider and I will be doing an installation at the Lost Coast Culture Machine…”Hull and Schneider met in a seventh grade art class in the Chicago suburbs, where Lake Michigan is the ocean.”

We’ll be examining the iconography of a mid-west girlhood where we leave some things out, but use every medium at hand to examine our co-past. (I know…two former wild girls roaming sedately around the Lost Coast.  Now really, doesn’t it sound like fun?)

Last week I packed off some boxes of quilts…and they have arrived…

but we are considering drawing, book-making (the object kind, not the betting kind), ironing, sewing, quilting, drawing, washing, mending, drawing.  The show opens October 6th and for the month Carolyn will be appearing in the gallery for “ironing hours.”

My first laundry piece was made in 1977…I was in a lint mode…washing and drying certain things together (a sweater and a towel with frayed fabric, for instance) to produce good looking lint…

The “tag line” for our show is “DRAW SORT CUT SEW WASH DRY MEND FOLD REPEAT” and we have lots of clothes line and clothes pins…I think you can expect a little bit of resonance with Andries Fourie’s beautiful installation (silk screen on sheeting) down at Project Space 2…165 Ferry Street SE…think it will be open Friday night between 5 and 9 (but I’ll already be in California so I won’t see you…).  You can get a view through the window if you are out and about this week.  Go see…it’s a wonderful space.


  1. bonnie, your lint piece knocks me out! truly gorgeous & resonant too. your installation with carolyn schneider, title and tag line & all, will be fabulous also. wish it was happening right here in salem. take lots of pictures. (and by the way, that quilt you last showed with the one little bird fully recognized and all those tiny, perfect stitches is certainly an heirloom.)(sloy)

  2. Apologies…not sure which “address” is best !! Please remind me……….. N

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